Inon Ben Zur



Mr. Ben Zur have extensive experience in positions as a CEO and senior management in a variety of leading technological, defense and start-up companies.

For 7 years he served in planning, running and supervising hundreds of millions dollars projects in the National Security Council of the Prime Minister's Office.    

He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering and International Relations (USA Naval Academy), which provides him with a broad set of world-wide skills.


Daud Abu-Shkara

Lab Manager


Mr. Abuskara is a biotechnology engineer with over 25 years of experience in industrial tissue culture manufacturing. He has been managing the lab operations and manufacturing in Ginosar Agro for over two decades. He is also in charge of lab R&D.


Nadav Raz

Chief Agronomist


Mr. Raz is in charge of Ginosar Agro's hardening facilities and greenhouses. He is also a project manager in Kibbutz Ginosar's Pineapple growing operations. Mr. Raz brings over a decade of experience in various agriculture operations and pest control. He holds a B.SC. in Agriculture and Biotechnology.


Hagar Venezia-Cohen

Export and Administration Manager


Mrs. Cohen is one of the founders of Ginosar Agro and has been managing the Ginosar Agro export and administration division for more than 20 years. She has vast accumulated experience in international operations, import and export. 

Ginosar Agro Management Team

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