Research and Development

R&D and new crops

Ginosar Agro invests 15% of its annual budget in research and development of new varieties and agro-technical methods.

Breeding for new varieties and clones is an ongoing process which involves selection of exceptional plants, intensive field testing and commercialization.

Field research for improved crop management is in the core of Ginosar Agro's R&D. We conduct research in Israel independently as well as jointly with partners in order to unite forces to get a good quality result in the shortest time.


Ginosar- Agro is also dealing with developing commercial vegetative propagation of avocado in tissue cultures.

This method has significant advantages over the main methods commonly used today: The Frolich & Platt double grafting method which takes a long time and cost a lot. The second propagation method is from seed.  The disadvantage in seed propagation is the lack of uniformity.


In vitro propagation is not generally used for cocoa, but research is taking place on the subject to find easier in vitro methods of producing clones. We are studying the field of producing the propagation of cocoa plants using tissue culture micropropagation technology, as well as somatic embryogenesis. The development of somatic embryogenesis systems of cocoa trees has opened a new avenue for vegetative propagation and can give answer for the lack of Cocoa in the world in general and in particular lack of high-quality plants of Cocoa in the manner of taste, stability for environmental conditions and high yield.


Production of seedlings from a variety of wine and edible varieties grafted on various rootstocks in accordance with the planting site and customer requirements.
Vine seedlings are virus free according to the standards of plant protection & inspection.


Kiwi seedlings from the varieties Hayward 8 (female) and Matava (male).

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