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Centuries of breeding

For your seasonal outcomes

Banana Varieties

The Ginosar elite-cultivars of disease-free banana plants are the result of decades of stringent professional selection from our mother plantations, located in northern Israel. Our premium clones are famous for their high quality, and the superior performance in the field.

Farm Management & Training

Coming from decades of advanced farming practices, Ginosar Agro offers top-tier management of agriculture projects and provides professional training, guidance and agricultural support to private customers and to governments worldwide. 

Growing Banana in Extreme Climatic Conditions 

For many decades, Ginosar Agro developed advanced agro techniques for growing banana and pineapple in extreme climatic conditions. These techniques include using unique Ginosar varieties, which are cold tolerant, using net houses, controlling flowering times and more.

Ginosar Tissue Culture Lab

Ginosar Agro operates a state-of-the-art tissue culture lab, which has the capacity of producing more than 5 million plants a year.

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