Grand Nain


Ginosar Agro offers several select clones of the Grand Nain variety. 

Grand Nain is a popular variety worldwide, mainly in India, due to very high yields and agility. 

Banana Cultivars


The Ginosar elite-cultivars of disease-free banana plants are the result of decades of stringent professional selection from our mother plantations, located in northern Israel. The clones are world renowned for the high quality of plants and their superior performance in the field.

Being banana growers by virtue, the Ginosar Agro team comes from a deep understanding of the challenges banana growers are facing worldwide. Our core guideline, resulting from decades of growing experience, is the essential use of quality plants, which are vital for establishing sustainable, healthy and profitable plantations. The Ginosar clones offer the following key advantages:

Elite genetic material

The result of decades of stringent professional selection, the Ginosar clones have superior genetic material, resulting in advantageous plant characteristics, uniform fields and high performance.

Disease-free plants

The Ginosar plants come from our mother plantations in the Jordan Valley, Israel, which is famous for being completely free of banana diseases.

High Quality

Ginosar Agro is committed to quality. Our entire practice- from selection, through propagation and to cultivation- is quality oriented. Keeping minimal propagation cycles, eliminating mutations, careful quality control as well as clever packaging and shipping solutions – are some of the quality practices in our focus.

Giant Grand Nain


Ginosar bred the Giant Grand-Nain cultivar which is unique for its extraordinary bunch weight, resulting from its large number of hands and its long banana fingers. Giant Grand Nain gives very high yields and is popular 

for mono-crops or short-period plantations in high density.



Zelig is an elite cultivar from the Grand-Nain family. It is shorter in height and therefore more resistant to winds. It is also especially agile and can yield 2 bunches in 16 months, even under subtropical conditions (cold season). Its bunch is charachterized by many banana fingers. 

Ziv (Williams)


Ziv is a Ginosar clone selected from the world's most popular export variety - the Williams. Williams is most popular in central and south America due to the export-quality bananas it produces.

Williams is favorable due to its resistance to drought, hard climate conditions and problematic soils.



Gal is an elite cultivar from the Williams family. It is charachterized by shorter height, which leads to easier maintenace. It shows the same vigor, same bunch shape and same banana quality as its Williams origin, but is more agile. 

Gal is favorable for export plantations



Jordan is an elite cultivar from the Williams family. It is charachterized by shorter heigh, which makes it more resistant to winds and easier to manage.  It is also more resistant to cold. 

Its bunch is charachterized by a larger numbers of hands and fingers, and a higher bunch weight compared to its Williams origin. 



Eilon is an elite cultivar from the Dwarf Cavendish family. It is shorter in height, resistant to winds and easier to manage. 

It's bunches are charachterized in high quality fingers. It is very agile and gives very high yields. 

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