Pineapple (Ananas) Cultivars


Pineapple contributes to over 20% of the world's production of tropical fruits and as a crop is second only to bananas as the most important harvested fruit.  Most of the pineapple harvested is consumed as fresh fruit in the country of production. 

There are over 100 known pineapple varieties, only 6-8 of which are cultivated commercially, most of which are varieties from the Cayenne group, and the successful MD-2 variety.

Ginosar Agro provides disease-free selections of the Pineapple varieties MD-2, Cayenne and Queen (several selections for each variety). The plants are tissue-culture produced and are selected from our mother pineapple plantations in Israel.   


The pineapple variety MD2 has become the preferred variety for the fresh pineapple market because of its exceptional sweetness, flavor, golden color, shape and life span. MD-2 Pineapple is advantageous for growers due to uniformity and consistency in size and ripeness. The fruit is medium-large (1.3-2kg), its flesh is sweeter, less fibrous and less acidic and it montains more vitamin C than other pineapple varieties. The MD-2 eyes are large and flat and the leaves are spineless.


Smooth Cayenne is the preferred variety for the canned pineapple market as well as in the fresh markets. It is well- adapted to canning and processing. Its pulp is pale yellow to yellow flesh, with high sugar and acid content. The fruit is usually large (2.5-3kg) and the leaves are spineless.