Ginosar Agro is an international agriculture company, operating for over 30 years as a lead provider of exclusive fruit varieties and superb agriculture project management and training. Our primary mission is to help growers achieve unparalleled standards of quality, yields and profitability.
Our Company

Ginosar Agro is a private company owned by Kibbutz Ginosar, a collective community located on shore of the Sea of Galilee.

The company operates a state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory, nurseries and offices, located in Kibbutz Ginosar and in Kibbutz Ein-Carmel. Our lands include 1,300 hectares of banana, pineapple, olives, almonds, mango and avocado.

In addition, Ginosar Agro works with partners in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America to meet the demands of local markets.


The Ginosar Agro strategy is based on two solid foundations – innovation and partnerships. 

Ginosar continues to innovate, creating new and improved non-GMO varieties, using classical breeding techniques. 

Ginosar Agro works closely with local partners in different geographies to meet the demands of local markets. 

If you wish to explore mutual opportunities to collaborate, please contact us at:

Ginosar Plants

For several decades, Ginosar Agro has been employing classical breeding technologies and high-standard tissue culture production methods to create unique cultivars of banana, Pineapple, Mango and Avocado that are non-GMO and have high added-value for farmers.

Our plants offer some of the best genetic material in the world, a strict quality standard and at affordable prices.


Our Team

Ginosar is lead by a team of professional managers with decades of experience in the international banana industry. We have the privilege of working with some of the world renowned experts in tropical fruits growing, breeding and selection, tissue culture production and more.

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